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Hello everyone.World is not heading into a bright financial future and lately my expenses have been larger than my paycheck so I thought giving this market a try won't hurt anyone,afterall if there is no risks there is no reward and guess what I found the perfect recipie for a very very good life.You can keep your day job so nobody will suspect you are suddenly doing well and you can start buying things you did not afford in the past,I mostly bought debit cards and a cashapp transfers from time to time and half of what I make thanks to this guys I invest in bitcoin.This platform is the best on TOR so do not hesitate.


Placed an order on monday today is wednesday and my 2 cards have been delivered but have not tested them yet but I will come back with an updated review.


another reason for me come back for more&more. It was fairly easy to cashout the balance I got into bitcoin even if I lost some money in transfer and conversion fees it was definitely worth it:D


My second westernunion transfer went through with ease.


They shipped the card i paid for to europe and it seems to be working at all the atm machines untill now. Withdrawing 500 euros every 24 hours,i have 1500 and will have to place a new order in a few weeks. Stay safe friends and do not be greedy.


Easiest money ever made,get yourself a fake ID and a car and you can make tons of money buying WU transfers from them and visiting the country at the same time just remember never use the same store to often.


Personally I think that the most facil way to earn money and stay under the radar at the same time is to not show your face anywhere. Just stay at home use TOR and VPN and start with a paypal transfer.


JOKE aside it's not exactly easy to trust anyone in real life but here so the the only way is to take a chance. the chance has paid off with this great marketplace it's so irresistible I mean after cashing few thousands from cards I feel like I should try something else maybe a paypal account or some gift cards. All the traders say diversity is key lol.

Joe Black

Holy shit I almost shit my pants just got my first moneygram cannot belive this is real wtf kept wondering how the f some people got so much cash guess now I know


all good just got the pin number via email and order tracking says it is processing.


paypal transfer to my bank account successfull.


Purchased a single prepaid debit card as a test run but so far haven't had the balls to go to an atm don't know why. Tested it in a store (print your name if you are going to use them in stores) and it works. I plan to purchase expensive electronics and then just resell them on ebay maybe this is the smartest way what do others think?


I have to admin been skeptical but the need for money pushes you into things...had a couple of orders with them and so far so good will keep using them whenever I need some extra $$$$$$$


A new batch of pre-paid cards arrived yesterday in Canada.Not long ago almost gave up on trying to have a better life and I can honestly say this changed my life and hoping it does not ruin other peoples lifes but I guess banks rob more people than this cres robs banks.


all i wanna say is tracking details recived


They are well and beyond the best in the business I mean quality of bills and cards is exquisit so much attention to details and such social people.


the blood rush you get in your body and the mixed feelings you get now you are afraid then you are happy with all that money in your hand after cashing the first card is something I will never forget and hopefully they will be on the market for many years from now on as I plan on making a good living.there may be some risks but I fully accept them and never going back to beeing poor and stupid.


Nothing but love for you.


counterfeits euro's is what I buy from them for some months.


Why do ya'll people waste your time writting reviews if you bought from here and you were satisfied just keep that to yourself and keep going with making money I just don't get it...


sent the payment half an hour go and they just emailed me the order number so guess we will see how good their services turn out to be.


They are the way to an easy life mates.


So, I wanted to try their stuff out and ended up placing an order for a $500 Amazon Gift Card. Worked perfectly so I ordered a new $2000 gift card and tried it. It worked to. I thought stuff like this wasn’t real. It feels unreal. 


Your professionalism is the reason I will never purchase from your competitors.Thanks and keep up the good work.


Cheers from UK your GBP debit cards do work perfectly and I could not be more satisfied.


I cannot belive this, the first site I placed an order with turned out to be legitimate. Why I choose you in the first place is the way kept replying to my many e-mails (maybe to many) and my stupid rookie questions, so thank you for thank you for that, you have earned yourself a valuable and loyal customer for life.

Char Dor

Your operation is top notch.


I allways get 3 cards overnight delivery it's like you run out of money because your spending habits do change a lot belive me and next day your pocket is full again it's like running to the bank.thanks.


I have my tracking number.So excited :)


Last time what I did is tell them to send me pictures of the card I paid for and ended up spending the balance online

Black Spider

Order arrived today. I didn’t think i’d be getting it until Thursday. 


Bitcoin transfered yesterday so far so good they kept communicating with me after payment.will come back for a detailed review. Cheers from Sweden.


Got a follow up email and tracking details. Still waiting for the tracking info to update other than that the service seems to be working. Got to wait til the end to be certain but yeah.


Brilliant just brilliant so many good services they provide what to choose hahaha


Legit Legit Legit

Lazy Guy

This is the first time i have encountered such a quality product, I'm so happy i don't have to hide my self anymore when using cards bought off of deep web.

Army legend

What can I say...maybe you don't realize this or maybe some of you will judge me but there are a LOT of people with real reasons to buy and use their products.Life is not fair for most of us but at least it's better than before due to them thank you so much.


Been 3 days and the card did not show up...


Delivery was a bit late even though it is not their fault they should not advertise 2 days delivery least they shipped what they claimed.


Service checks out. A+++


Third order consisting of 10 cards was delivered few days back and my guys are working on getting the money.What I wanted to share is their packaging system is so clever and each time was different.I'm a regular customer with them.


I know my comment will get burried because people tend to write a ton when they have such a good supplier but I am happy so many customers don't have many complains, you deserve the best and thank you for transforming my life ways you never imagine.


10/10 good job man.


Excellent products no complain.


Do not what I would be doing right now if not for them. Nobody knows me so I can share my story. It all started with a card accident which made my life a mess, I was and still am not in the condition to work and probably never will. I found out about this type of services from a friend and to be absolutely honest it sounded crazy and not real at first. Over the next few weeks I browsed the darkweb a lot and bookmarked their link. One day I just said fuck it and went with the payment for a couple of paypal transfers. All I can say is I feel like I wasted my life in the past working for others and picking up the leftovers well NO more.


I highly recommend these guys.


Respect man. You helped my a lot. I was in bad situation but now I can afford things. 


Let me summarize my past month : got a new phone, new laptop and few other things for my apartment and now I know I have to think bigger, maybe I'll start putting aside for a new apartment which I'll then list on airbnb.That's what you get working with these guys. 


Earned a really large amount of money in the past year with them and so far they did not fail me.


Looks like my shipment wasn't going to get to me it's been 10 days.Contacted their support,they checked and looks like it got lost so they refunded my btc.Now wondering if I should place another order.


After a couple of major markets have been shut down I turned to this guys and could not be happier with my decision. Get your cash right here folks.


How in the hell can other people work from 9 to 5, been looking for an easy way of making money for ages and now I found that way theres no better market than this one trust me on that. Why is that you might ask? Because they DELIVER.


On a long business trip to NZ I took the risk of paying for a card on their website and let's just say I came home richer.


First time buyer here. In the beginning I was a little woried if my card would work in my country, but they told me that I can have a refund if my card won't work, which was really nice from them. They delivered the card to my mailbox directly within 4 days. Cashed out first 5000 usd and i'm thinking to make new order soon. You have a customer for life. Best service ever.


J'ai vraiment douté que de tels services soient légitimes, mais quand j'ai vérifié, j'ai été surpris. Merci


Top quality


vẫn không thể tin được 


Recived my CashApp transfer within 1 hour after sending the payment,it works.


Probably the best store I've ever seen. Once I started placing orders I never bought from anywhere else. I'm totally impressed.


Hoping they stay in business for a loooong time as I make lots of money buying gifts cards which I use to buy products and then sell them,nice job.


Great products!


Allready on my third order no issues so far, keep it up !


I just came back from checking my mailbox and it finally got here! I'll be back with an update once I go and try out the cards! I will be reccomending this service to all of my buddies if everything continues to go smoothly.


I sent order for the Euro and USD. They are both in nice quality and used well anywhere I wanted.


Took them less than 30 minutes to deliver my paypal account, could not belive my eyes, been staring at the new paypal balance for minutes hehe.


just finished converting the paypal to btc and planning to spend most of them at online casinos and if I won't win next account gonna get transfered directly to a polish bank account,happy life.


Do not behave like me guys lol I placed an order for a large pack of cards and spent most of the balance within a few days like a crazy dude, gambling, stores, new smartphone ergh...just save the money you get.


you mother fuckers are really hooking a brother up. If you ever need a place to lay low let me know bro




These guys are real and they totally saved my financial life.
I ordered a big package, and it has been almost 3 weeks of non-stop spending and I finally am running low on cash. The emails were quite quick and assuring before, during and after purchase.


200 bucks is not pocket change for me so I have to admit almost shit myself till the cashap transfer came in but it did.


This is dangerous business you get hooked up and you start spending that money like it's nothing so at some point you need to think smart.


I can spend $10,000 in about a week. Nice clothes for women are very expensive though. 


It's unreal. Me and my friend decided to split the cost of a card. Went to a BTC ATM and transfered them the BTC for a EURO card and then we waited laughing and thinking we just sent money to someone we don't know. Within a little more than 48 hours the card got to my post office I had no idea as I thought it's an aliexpress order but there it was. Nicely printed and with my friends name embossed it looked like a genuide bank issued card. It's been 5 days and the card is empty so I guess that means we will be placing another order. thank you so much for beeing here.